113 Tracks of Nigerian Nostalgia

Almost 2 years ago, i put together a playlist of Nigerian throwback jams that we all once revered. I was inspired by a song that came on shuffle. It was “Wiz Party” by the one and only Wizkid. I took a trip down memory lane, and i found myself getting high off the nostalgia. There’s something so calming about re-discovering music you once adored. It’s almost as good as listening to a great song for the first time.

Rummaging through apple music in search of my favorite throwback jams, i kept at it till 8am because of the sheer joy and excitement i felt after each discovery. From Eldee to Fela Kuti, my curated playlist has an assortment of music relatable to a diverse crowd of Nigerians. I shared it amongst my friends who shared it amongst their friends, and now i get an average of 4 people adding it to their apple music library daily.

Heads up, some songs may have disappeared because of copyright issues, and/or the artist pulling it away from the music platform.

Although, this playlist was first created on Apple Music, I have managed to curate a similar one on Spotify. They vary ever so slightly. I hope you enjoy the music, and most importantly, share it with others who will.

Apple Music – Throwback Playlist

Spotify – Throwback Playlist

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